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étape d'opéra-

"the opera stage"

3/27/05 09:17 pm - ange_meg

I guess this community isn't really keeping up anymore. Does anybody know of one that is active? I love roleplaying, and would like to play this movie.musical/book/Story!
this is pedestrian42, over and out.

2/20/05 09:03 pm - ange_meg - Behind the stage

*Meg Giry noticed not many people among the Opera Corridors.*
*She poked her head around a corner looking for any of her friends, or even anyone she recognized*
Where is everyone?!? she thought...
*Meg sighed in frustration and headed for her dressing room. Once inside she took off her hooded coat and decided to look around the corridors once more*
^they must all be out for a meal! I'm sort of hungry too...^
*she grabbed a piece of bread from her table before going out. She grabbed Donny, her kitten and went to sit on a set of stairs leading to the rafters*

2/15/05 10:31 pm - la_sorelli - In La Sorelli's apartment....

**The dancer quickly unwrapped the wet coat and put it on it's correct hook**
"Any news Jamiey?"
**She looked to the house-keeper. La Sorelli looked to where the girl had pointed**
"My diary?"
**she walked to the bedside table and lit the gas-lamp. She picked it up and out fell a letter**
"Oh my..."
**she opened it and read it, she looked out her window, holding the letter close to her heart and sighed**
^Now where is that girl?^
**Now the dancer gracefully crossed the room and took down her hair and brushed it, trying to distract herself from the letter that occupied her mind**

2/15/05 05:09 pm - la_sorelli - Outside the Opera ====>

La Sorelli waited out front of the Opera House. She asked her maid to hold the umbrella, for it is raining
^I wonder what is taking Little Giry so long^
SHe turned back and saw the new Managers walk bythe window
"Too busy to be humans too"
The maid did not reply anything to the comment. Sorelli was almost wet with the wind blowing, her blue dress coat had a light layer of mist on it

2/10/05 08:22 am - arubix_cube - OOC, again...

Sorry for the confusion, the setting is in the Opera House in Paris. The timing is during the story. It is from the other character's points of views, not just the narrator (GL). The format is a post/update=new location. Everytime the charies move locations, please try to post anew. And oh! Please don't have too many boards going at once. a few is good.

2/6/05 09:09 pm - arubix_cube

I am now allowing anyone to have more than one character. Please though- if you have a main character, don't try to have another main character. I'm trying to get more people posting, will this help?

your loyal mod

1/28/05 05:53 pm - comte_philippe - A Visit to the Opera.

The Comte de Chagny was a very organized man who liked to keep tabs on any business he or his money were involved in. This included the Paris Opera House. Of course, once he arrived at there, he wasn't sure how to proceed. After a quick chat with the Managers on their way out to lunch, he contented himself with wandering through the many hallways and quietly observing the goings on of the singers and dancers.

((O.O.C.: Are we using Firmin Richard and Armand Moncharmin (from the book) as the names of the managers, or are we using Richard Firmin and Giles Andre (from the musical)?))

1/7/05 09:11 am - ange_meg - On stage, rehearsal...

A small dancer comes out onto the stage fixing her hair. The young Meg Giry quickly finished and looked for her friends before the Maestro came out to rehearse the new musical.
^Mama was right, I shouldn't have stayed up last night beyond dark. I am still rather tired. And this new corsetted costume isn't helping either^
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