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étape d'opéra-

"the opera stage"

the opera stage: poto rpg
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Your MODS:
Molly = arubix_cube(hikkkupfool@yahoo.com) and April = pedestrian42(feel_therush@yahoo.com)

Here is a link to a POTO message board. Even if your not going to do the role-play, check it out, join, post. have fun!
This is a Role Play community for the Phantom of the Opera. Made up characters are welcome. I'll post the taken characters and their character username.
I'll stamp you as that character in one of your lj posts or via email.
again, I'm your moderater: arubix_cube

1. You will be banned if you disrespect another person out of context.. character bickering is ok.
2. If you don't post with your character within 2 months of a previous entry/comment, you will not be allowed to use that character any more.
3. Please don't start off a bunch of scenes at once. Please only 3 or 4 active ones at a time.
4. If there is explicit content, mark it, put a warning and use a lj cut.
5. Please follow all of these, and if you have any Questions... put it into an email and send it to one your mods.
6. Please Apply to arubix_cube in her journal or email. pedestrian42 cannot approve applications.
7. Please don't post if you haven't been approved as that character.
8. You don't need to have a sample RP, but please have the 'characer journal' set up within 3 days, then tell one of us (We'll know if you are approved or not)
9. Made-ups are welcome. Please give us a description of character background, appearance, relationship to Opera and such.
10. We are now allowing you to have/play as more than one character... please don't pick two main-characters though
The Opera House

Please fill out the application and send it to arubix_cube via email. *much obliged*
your name:
male or female?
character you wish to be:
lj username?
(add this for new characters)
age of character:
relationship to Opera House:

Charcter Journal includes: character's name (or nickname) in username. Actual posts that your character would make to a diary/journal. it's a good way to get in-character, and fun for others to read... find out whats going on behind the "mask" If you add something interesting into your Journal, (like an event) try adding it here w/ your character's POV.

Setting includes: The Opera House, Paris, The Cellars, and anywhere else that seems realistic. It takes place in the 19th century. We will be playing in the scenes from during the story. Our own take on the events. Everything (including the musical) all leads back to Leroux's first take on actual events. So, let's make our own spin of it. Yes, you may even include a rendition of the great fall of the Chandelier, La Carlotta's "co-ack" and such. Maybe people were even down in the cellars listening to the Phantom and Christine singing, who knows? This is for you all to take "start to soar!"

Updated: 2-19-05 Characters:
Christine will be played by: la_daae also known as: christineadaae
Meg Giry will be played by: ange_meg also known as: pedestrian42
Erik the Phantom will be played by: _fantome also known as: jane_eyre
Phillipe de Chagney will be portrayed by: comte_philippe also known as:eremon_lass
Raoul de Chagney will be played by: vicomte_raoul also known as eremon_lass
La Sorelli will be played by: la_sorelli also known as arubix_cube

New Character: Keyon Gabriel Radcliff played by: keyon_radcliff also known as: musicks_keeper character info here

Thank You, s'amuser! (have fun!) Sincerely, pedestrian42